Going Shopping & Encountering Generousity

We had the opportunity to take Alexander out in his new wheelchair yesterday.  For the first time ever he was able to browse the toy aisle like any other kid his age.  He was picking up toys from the shelf and checking them out.  He was quick to let mommy and daddy know which toys he liked!

Up and down every (I mean EVERY!) aisle he went until he found an animatronic snuggle puppy.  After a while, we finally convinced him to move on to another section but didn’t realize that a kind couple was watching Alex admire the puppy toy.

Later on they caught up with us and surprised Alex with the puppy.  We were so overwhelmed with emotion and didn’t know what to say!  People have been amazing!

Alexander cruisin’ down the aisles:

And opening the toy puppy given to him by the generous strangers: