My name is Alexander and I'm 3 years old and I love Batman and Lightning McQueen! When I turned 2 I was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type II. It makes me weaker over time, but mommy and daddy say that we will fight it like superheroes! In fact, I've started a treatment that will hopefully help me kick this things butt! You can learn about my journey here. Just start scrolling.

A Special Day

Today is very special. I remember three years ago, the rush and excitement of Alexander being introduced to the world.  He was always such a kicker in mommy’s belly, kicking with more force then his older brothers during their 9 month stay.  He was already determined to let the world know that he was a Read more about A Special Day[…]


Frustration doesn’t even come close to describing the level of emotion I have been feeling lately.  The journey to getting Alexander treated has tested our patience, wrecked our emotions, and induced anger towards an overly complicated and cruel process. We were elated to find out the FDA approved Spinraza for the treatment of SMA shortly Read more about Frustration[…]